Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Side on

I'm trying to work out who Violetta looks like.

For one of the last sequences, I'm going to need to do dolls in profile, which is quite hard to make up from a 2D frontal face picture. So, I'm looking for an actor that looks like this face, and then I'll find a picture in profile to use as reference.

At the moment I'm thinking maybe Lillian Gish, but I'm not totally sure that's who I have in my mind's eye. Any ideas, anyone?


  1. I wonder if Lillian Gish's face is a little rounder than Violetta's?

    I was thinking she reminded me of Dita von Teese: http://fashionindie.com/dita-von-teese-to-release-beauty-book/

  2. Ooh, Dita! Could be! I'm sure it's an old movie star that she reminds me of, though.

  3. The red haired English woman who was in Moll Flanders and then in ER?

  4. I didn't know who that was, Jo, but a search pulled up this image, that seemed pretty close: http://www.rondotheatre.co.uk/production/453/