Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Soft Wares and Onion Skins

Isn't Open Source the most amazing idea?

Here's some free storyboard software. I expect I shall be more likely to scribble messy notes on the back of envelopes and sellotape them to the wall, but for those who are more plugged in, it may be useful.

Meanwhile, I am searching for software that will onion skin for me. This means that if your camera is hooked up to a computer, a ghostly afterimage of the last shot remains on the screen - so that positioning the next shot is much easier. It makes for smoother animations. I haven't used it much for my own animations, being of the bootstrap and homemade type of animator, but I think it may be worth finding one for this film.


  1. Have you heard of iStopMotion? It's a reasonably priced animation software, and it has onion skin, along with a bunch of other cool effects, that's what I would recommend using!!

  2. Hi there Sam, thanks for your comment! Yes, I've used iStopMotion in the past, it's a great programme.

    I'm slightly limited by a few things for this film. First of all, I'll be making the sets out in the shed, so I'll have to do it with a laptop and mine is windows. I'll also be using a Dslr camera rather than a camcorder, and only a few programs can be set up for those.

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  4. Heh, well, it depends how you look at it! I find the more restricted one is with nifty software and gadgets, the more inventive one has to be to come up with interesting and creative solutions.